Ayadn 0.5.8

Ayadn 0.5.8

Working on AyaDN has been a fantastic journey right from the beginning.

Now the app is kind of complete: I’ve implemented all API endpoints, plus a few features that I’m very happy with.

Of course I’m still going to actively develop it, but the update frequency will slow down a little.

Here’s what happened during the last month.

Detect oembed photo links

I discovered that the annotations of a checkins post could contain several link entities, and I realized that I previously didn’t extract all the URLs properly.

Now all embedded URLs are extracted and displayed, with a check for duplicates.

Custom posts count

By default, AyaDN displays x number of posts, x being defined in your config.yml file for each stream.

If not, default values are used.

You may also specify at once the number of posts you want to see:

Delete channel messages

You can delete any message (before it was only working with posts), from any channel, a public one or a private one.

Users database

Previously, AyaDN had to make a lot of API calls when it needed to discover the identity of several posters behind user IDs.

Now, each time AyaDN encounters a new user, from any point of the API, that interacts with you, it keeps the username and the associated real name in a lightweight database.

Every time AyaDN encounters a new user ID, it checks first in the database if the name is already known, to avoid useless calls to the API.

It saves bandwith and makes AyaDN react faster. All good!

This is particularly useful when managing your channels and private messages.

Channels aliases

You can create an alias for any channel, public ones and private messages ones.

For example, instead or reading my Ohai channel with ayadn messages 23456 I can do “ayadn messages ohai” after having created an alias.

Channel aliases are also cool for PM channels.

Example: ayadn alias-channel 34567 @myfriend, then ayadn messages @myfriend.

Of course, you can send a message to the channel using the alias.

Example: ayadn send 5by5 "Hello guys, long time no see..." if you created a “5by5” alias for channel 13867.

Does @userx follow @usery

Yes, it’s a question you can ask AyaDN now. :)

Example: ./ayadn.rb does @ericd follow @ayadn

Ruby 2.0

It works now. The bug was in the HTTP connection. I’ve tested it with several ruby versions and it’s working everywhere now, starting with 1.9.3 of course.

Reposts counter

There’s now an option to display the nuber of times a post has been reposted.

Quote a post

This is a feature that does not exist with the API, I created it (inspired by Felix and others).

Different from the native repost feature, quote does not rattach your post to the original one ; instead, it prepends your text to the original post text (and keeps the links active, even the Markdown ones).

This is useful for quick comments, like “This! >> …original text…”.


I couldn’t resist. It works only with iTunes on OS X for now.

Just do ayadn nowplaying and it detects the current iTunes track, extract the title and artist name and posts a “#nowplaying track - artist” post to ADN. :)


Of course, bugfixes. What else.

See you soon!

Many thanks to all the fantastic people that supported me and continue to do so.

After the cleanup and error-shielding I’m planning to do next month, I hope AyaDN will become an official app in the ADN directory.

Time will tell. :)

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere