Ayadn 1.7

A new Ayadn update has landed on the App.net planet!

With 1.7.0, you can embed videos (Youtube, Vimeo), force view blacklisted/muted/blocked users, and many other things.

Embed online videos

You can embed a Youtube or a Vimeo video with the option -Y or -V when posting.

Add the -Y option for Youtube or -V for Vimeo at the end of the command, followed by the video URL.

It works with all posting commands: post, write, reply and pm (except send to channel).


ayadn -P wave function -Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei8CFin00PY
ayadn -P Elixir -V http://vimeo.com/103927232
ayadn -W -Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei8CFin00PY
ayadn -R 23362460 -V http://vimeo.com/103927232
ayadn pm @ericd -Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei8CFin00PY

Unfortunately, very few App.net clients recognize the video embedding metadata.

So maybe you should include the video URL in the text body anyway, for better compatibility.

Embed movie poster

You can embed a movie poster, from its title, in a normal post, with option -M.

This is compatible with other options, eg embedding other images.

Warning: contrary to the movie command introduced in Ayadn 1.6.0, this option doesn’t check with the user if the movie is valid. The poster is retrieved from IMDb and is automatically embedded in the post.


ayadn -P "I'll be back" -M terminator
ayadn -W -M truman show
ayadn -R 12323454 -M "C.H.U.D"
ayadn -W -M good morning vietnam -E ~/Pics/sad_face.jpg

Force view

You can force the display of blacklisted/muted/blocked user’s posts with option -f:

ayadn -gl -f
ayadn -gl -s -f
ayadn -ui @spammer -f
ayadn -up -f @spammer


Differences will occur due to ADN policy:

Shortcut for embedding a picture

The option to embed an image in a post is now -E.

It was previously -e but this was a mistake (it could have conflicted with the extract links option).

I try to maintain a simple logic for Ayadn command shortcuts: shortcuts for active (posting, modifying) commands are uppercase, shortcuts for passive commands (list, infos) are lowercase.

Scroll spinning wheel

The terminal cursor is now hidden when the scroll spinning wheel is displayed.


The mark command (bookmark a conversation) had a problem with the title arguments, it has been fixed.

ayadn mark add 12323454 cool convo about stuff

I also fixed the previous fix which introduced a little bug (sigh).

Also fixed: the value displayed when setting NiceRank options.


It doesn’t show when using Ayadn, but I’ve reworked a lot of code for this release.

Ayadn is now easier to maintain, and some ugly code has even been transformed into dancing rainbow unicorns.

The future

Q: What’s the future of Ayadn?

A: As long as App.net lives, Ayadn will be maintained and updated.

Q: What if App.net closes its doors?

A: Ayadn should be able to connect to alternative APIs that are not-so-secretely currently being developed.

Q: Shut up and take my money!

A: Ok. You can flattr the Ayadn repository on GitHub, or use any other method you see fit. Or you can just say hello on ADN, it will be much appreciated. I’ll shut up now.

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere