New in Ayadn

New in AyaDN

Many thanks to @eyes for mentioning AyaDN in his blog, it was great!

Here’s a recap of what happened to AyaDN since the last blog post. There’s a lot!

Mentions in reply

The reply feature needed a serious improvement. All the mentions were just prepended to the text and it was seriously bugging me:

So I’ve re-written it to include your text right after the leading mention, then AyaDN automatically appends the other mentions at the end of your post.

Save a post to Pinboard

I use Pinboard all the time, it’s a great service.

So I’ve decided to implement a feature that I find useful: export a post from to Pinboard.

AyaDN detects the link embedded in the post and formats the Pinboard fields, appending the original link to the post.

You may add as many tags with your link as you want.

Skip specific posts

AyaDN already has the feature to skip (meaning remove from the timeline) posts that are posted with a specific client, like IFTTT or Buffer.

Now two more features are there for a total control of your timeline: skip posts containing a specific #hashtag, and skip posts containing a specific @mention!

Show ADN client

There’s now an option (false by default) to show the name of the client used to send a post to ADN in the timeline.

Show symbols for replies

There’s now an option (true by default) to show if a post is a reply, has replies or both.


List all your channels, read their content and send a message to any of them.

Many other improvements

Read the Changelog for the complete list :)

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere