Private messages, Interactions, Scrolling

Private messages, Interactions, Scrolling

Recently added features in AyaDN:

Private messages

Quicly send a private message to someone:

List your private channels:

View messages in a channel:


“Interactions” is a timeline of what actions occurred to you on ADN: follow, reply, etc.


Most streams are now scrollable, à la newsticker:

What’s missing?

Files, obviously. But I won’t implement this until I can guarantee that I won’t mess with your precious data, and… I can’t, yet. :p

Channels that aren’t for private messaging. This is also a big chunk. We’ll see later, because with this one, my ideas are way over my skills for now.

Apart for these two, I feel like I have adressed most of the API endpoints now (given the context of a CLI app, of course).

I will continue to add important features in the future, but the next updates will mostly be bugfixes, and refactoring for more modularity.


Oh, and BTW, AyaDN is now a real application with its own Client ID and a genuine authorization procedure, like the big boys. ;)

Thanks for your support dear friends and testers, and remember, this is just the beginning!

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere