Ayadn 1.1

Ayadn 1.1.0: this is a massive update.

New Option: –extract

New option to extract all links from posts: \--extract or -e

Works in search by words, search by hashtag, and list what a user starred.

Example: ayadn -t -e mondaynightdanceparty

New Command: delete message

Command to delete a message (private or public channel).

Specify the channel id (or an alias) then a message id.

ayadn delete_m 42666 33424242

ayadn -DM 42666 33424242

ayadn -DM my_channel_alias 33424242

New Command: photos stream

Command to show the Photos stream.

ayadn photos

ayadn -ph

This works with the same options as the other streams.

I wasn’t sure if it was interesting to include this, as the stream is infested with spammers, and… we’re in the Terminal, after all.

But it’s fun to click on links and watch windows with pictures opening, so…

New Command: version

Command to show current Ayadn version.

ayadn version

ayadn -v

New Options: export

Option to export the blacklist, the aliases and settings as CSV or JSON, depending on what’s available.

It’s actually triggered with the ‘raw’ option: -x


ayadn -K list -x

ayadn -A list -x

ayadn -sg -x



And of course the usual bug fixes, although this time there was almost none, because I couldn’t find any.

Which brought me lots of joy. :)

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere