Ayadn 1.2.8

Ayadn 1.2.8

The new search and edit features in Ayadn.

Search hashtags and word(s) in posts

Ayadn already has a hashtag search, and a simple word(s) search.

ayadn -t teamappdiction

ayadn search godzilla 98

Search in messages, including PMs

You can now search for WORD(S) in the messages of a channel, for example all PMs between you and @username.

You have to specify a channel id (or an alias).

ayadn search --messages 24573 'meet me at

ayadn search --messages my_alias 'meet me at

If you don’t know what are your subscribed channels ids, discover them with ayadn -ch, then you can also set aliases with ayadn -A create 24573 my_alias to remember the names easily.

Look for users

Look for App.net users by searching WORD(S) in their bio/description.

ayadn search --users coffee food

Returns a detailed view of each user’s profile and informations.

Discover channels

Search for App.net channels by searching WORD(S) in their description.

ayadn search --channels podcast ios

(This one operation may sometimes be long to execute if there’s a lot of results.)

If the channel (let’s say 24573) is public, you can read its messages with ayadn -ms 24573 or ayadn -ms my_alias.

Writing a post or a message with Ayadn supports a few common Unix shorcuts.

While answering or posting, with ayadn -R post_id or ayadn -W, you can hit:

One more thing: it’s not actually useful… but you can auto-complete paths with the TAB key while writing! ;)

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere