Ayadn 1.5.0

Ayadn 1.5.0

Here’s a list of the new features in Ayadn.


When you request the conversation around a post ID, Ayadn now adds arrows to the post you’re targeting and the one it replies to. So you immediately know which post the one you requested was replying to.

Arrows in conversation

The same behaviour applies to the thread you see after replying to a post.


You can now follow/unfollow/mute/unmute/block/unblock several users at once.

You have to separate the arguments with spaces like this:

ayadn follow oluseyi matigo joeltimmins sirskidmore

As usual with Ayadn, you don’t have to prepend the usernames with ‘@’. Your choice.


User info and users lists now include the user’s number of posts by day.

ayadn -ui ericd

Posts/day in User info

ayadn followers ericd

Posts/day in users lists

Faster lists generation

Lists of users, such as followers, followings, muted and blocked, are now generated much faster than before.


The NowPlaying feature is more accurate when searching the iTunes Store (there’s still a lot of false responses, but this is due to the store API itself, not Ayadn) from your running instance of iTunes.

The Last.fm feature is great but unfortunately less accurate, due to its nature (it’s a hack, basically to avoid having to make you register a Last.fm API key).


The documentation site is ok but far from great (the JavaScript is broken) and I have absolutely no time or motivation to build a new one.

So I’ve included the Ayadn documentation directly into the repository (Markdown files) for easier consultation.


Lots of debug info are already written to your ayadn.log file when you enable the debug mode (ayadn set timeline show_debug true).

In 1.5 I’ve added information about posts in your stream that have been skipped by the filters.

This mode is useful for debugging, don’t enable it without a good reason, or your log file will quickly gain too much weight.


A few configuration values are know enforced, in an effort to improve the compatibility with older config.yml files.


And of course, a whole lot of bugs have been discovered and squashed without mercy.

Thank you for using Ayadn! :)

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere