I just pushed Ayadn version 4 in the Gem repository.

As always, update with gem update ayadn in the terminal…


As you can see, there is no user-facing improvement with this version except the usual lot of squashed bugs - this was all about code quality and code accessibility for other developers.


The ‘movie’ and ‘tvshow’ commands are deprecated because we don’t have access to imdb anymore.

I tried reimplementing these features with other providers but the amount of work and time needed wasn’t worth it - if someone finds a solution, be my guest and make a pull request. :)

By the way…

The Future

I won’t actively develop Ayadn anymore.

I will continue to answer to user feedback and do my best to fix reported issues - but there won’t be any new features or active development of any sort.

Ayadn 4.0 is the last official version.

Does it mean Ayadn is dead and can’t evolve?

No, because…

Open API

It’s easy to change the root ADN API URL in the source code.

If the App.net servers stop working and one of the possible alternatives is launched by the community, all you have to do is change the root URL in one place in the code.

Provided the new endpoints are the same as before and the ADN specifications are followed, Ayadn will be 100% compatible with the new servers.

And anyway…

Open Source

Ayadn is MIT licensed: basically, you can do whatever you want with the source code as long as you follow the terms of the MIT License.

This mean you can work on the master code base for the official Ayadn client and fix bugs or add features…

…this also means you can create a brand new application using (parts of) Ayadn’s codebase!

You just would have to follow simple instructions explained in the new chapter of the documentation, available in the Ayadn repository on GitHub.

As long as App.net or one of its incarnations will be alive, Ayadn or one of its incarnations will be alive… thanks to you!

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere