Ayadn 1.2: NiceRank

Ayadn 1.2: NiceRank

Two new features for Ayadn: NiceRank + Bookmark convos.


NiceRank is a filter provided by Jason Irwin.

Thanks to this algorithm, you will be able to filter the spammers out of the Global stream in Ayadn!

It provides a whole new experience of ADN, and brings you back the pleasure of discovering new people to follow.

We’ve been dreaming about this for months!

Be sure to read the documentation.

Bookmark convos

Command to bookmark conversations without having to star a post.

Sometimes you want to remember a convo and its participants but you don’t necessarily want to star a post for this.

With this command, you can create bookmarks and give them titles, creating a notebook of convos.

Be sure to read the documentation.

Auteur: Eric Dejonckheere