Log A Day

Log the events of your days and analyze your habits with this powerful application for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

“Hey Siri, I just had a coffee.”

That’s it: the event is recorded in Log A Day!

It’s fast and easy, as simple as a Siri command, a shortcut, or a tap in the app.

You can create as many categories of events as you want, each customized with its own name, icon, color, etc.

And everything is automatically synchronized on all your iCloud connected devices!

Easy and fun

Tap on the screen, or tell Siri, everytime you want to record an event, and Log A Day will remember every one of them forever.

In the cloud

Your data is shared between all your devices thanks to your iCloud account. Everything is synced in real time.

Always ready

Recording an event is just one tap away. You can even give voice commands that Siri will execute inside the app.

Log A Day iOS app on iPhone

“How many times did I do that!?”

How many times did I drink coffee this month?

How often do I really water the plants?

Did I walk the dog more often this month compared to last month?

Do I drink too much fruit juice in the summer?

I think I have less headaches nowadays, how could I verify?

All these questions will be answered by Log A Day!

Get Log A Day

from the App Store

Log A Day is available for iPhones with iOS 13.6 minimum, for iPads with iPadOS 13.6 minimum, and for Macs with macOS Catalina 10.15.6 minimum.

There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. With a single upfront purchase you get the complete pack: the iPhone application (with its iOS 14+ widget), the iPad application, and the Mac application (with its macOS 11+ widget), without any restrictions.

Log A Day is also known as Actions Du Jour in French-speaking countries.