Managing categories

All the categories you have created are available in the Categories tab.

If “Group categories by genre” is enabled in the Settings tab, categories are listed alphabetically, grouped in sections by their “group” attribute.

If “Group categories by genre” is disabled, the “group” attribute is ignored and categories are originally listed by their creation date.

You can then reorder them to your own preference by pressing their cell’s button (the one with three horizontal stacked lines) and dragging up and down.

The order in the Categories tab is reflected in the Today tab.

You can edit categories at any time and change any of their attributes, including the title and the Siri trigger sentence.

You can also delete a category if you really want to, but this will also permanently delete all the recorded events associated with this category.

To simply stop using a category, and optionally hide it and its events from results and searches, it is recommended instead to set its status to “Inactive”.

Log A Day categories listed in custom order
Log A Day categories listed by group
Log A Day global settings
Log A Day edit a category
Log A Day select an icon
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Get Log A Day

from the App Store

Log A Day is available for iPhones with iOS 13.6 minimum, for iPads with iPadOS 13.6 minimum, and for Macs with macOS Catalina 10.15.6 minimum.

There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. With a single upfront purchase you get the complete pack: the iPhone application (with its iOS 14+ widget), the iPad application, and the Mac application (with its macOS 11+ widget), without any restrictions.

Log A Day is also known as Actions Du Jour in French-speaking countries.