Recording events

When you tap on a Category in the Today tab, an Event is immediately created.

All the Events recorded in the current month are visible in the Events tab.

You can browse recorded events month by month by tapping on the arrows at the top.

Tap on the chart button (the one with three vertical bars) and access a bar chart of all events recorded during the selected month.

The chart is exportable as an image or as a JSON file.

Tap on the + button to add events in batch retroactively.

Swipe on an event to delete it.

Tap on an event to get a detailed view with more options: more charts, add a note, edit the event’s date and time, delete the event.

The button with two horizontal bars is used to collapse sections to offer better readability – but there’s more fine-tuned ways to explore events, and you will find them in the Explore tab.

Log A Day the Today tab
Log A Day the Events tab
Log A Day the month chart
Log A Day retroactively add batch events
Log A Day delete an event
Log A Day event details and more options
Log A Day event details month summary
Log A Day add a note to an event
Log A Day event with a note
Log A Day events history collapsed sections
Log A Day event year summary chart

Get Log A Day

from the App Store

Log A Day is available for iPhones with iOS 13.6 minimum, for iPads with iPadOS 13.6 minimum, and for Macs with macOS Catalina 10.15.6 minimum.

There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. With a single upfront purchase you get the complete pack: the iPhone application (with its iOS 14+ widget), the iPad application, and the Mac application (with its macOS 11+ widget), without any restrictions.

Log A Day is also known as Actions Du Jour in French-speaking countries.